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Environment and energy resources management policy

Environment and energy resources management policy of “Latvijas dzelzceļš” Group

The goal of the policy is to determine the Group’s environment and energy resources management principles and objectives pursuant to the requirements of law and regulations, and objectives and goals of the state environment policy goals set for the areas of commercial operation of the Group companies to reduce the negative impact on environment caused by the Group’s operations, promote efficient use of resources, increase energy efficiency, provide services that are safe for humans and environment, as well as ensure sustainable, competitive and energy-efficient development of the Group, creating a positive image of the Group.

The principles of the policy:

The Group implements joint environment and energy resources management, in line with the business goals of the Group.

Every employee is responsible for participating in implementation of the policy within the limits of his or her competence and responsibilities.

Preventive actions are prioritised to prevent the possible environment issues and unreasonable use of energy resources.

Objectives to achieve the goals of the policy:

To reduce the emission of pollution in the environment, including emissions in the air and water, emission of hazardous substances in the soil, the amount of waste, noise and vibration level, as well as to reduce the consumption of energy resources to ensure the operation of the Group companies:

  • To use materials, energy, and natural resources efficiently and rationally,
  • To steadily pursue electrification of the railway network,
  • To develop an action plan for gradual replacement of the current means of traction (locomotives) with environmentally-friendly means of traction and for the construction of environmentally-friendly filling stations for means of traction,
  • To carry out monitoring, research and remediation of historically polluted and potentially polluted sites,
  • To monitor the soil and groundwater,
  • To take measures to reduce noise and vibrations in densely populated areas (areas of acoustic discomfort),
  • To introduce new technological solutions for infrastructure maintenance and real estate management,
  • To ensure sustainable and appropriate management of the waste produced,
  • To improve and maintain the system for prevention of consequences of emergencies with hazardous cargo;
  • To improve energy efficiency of buildings by rational use of buildings’ area, insulation, maintaining buildings and engineering communications in good technical condition, timely performance of the necessary maintenance and modernization works,
  • To use the railway land division lines, considering the cultural landscape values and biodiversity (including biotopes),
  • To reduce the use of hazardous chemicals and mixtures, replace them with less hazardous chemicals and mixtures.

SJSC "Latvijas dzelzceļš" has adopted and maintains a certified Environment and Energy Management System (EEMS) in an integrated manner. Since 2017, the Energy Management System has been certified in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 50 001:2018 standard. At the beginning of 2022, the Environmental Management System was also certified in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 14 001:2015 standard.