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Energy Management Policy

The goal of the energy management policy is to ensure sustainable, competitive, and energy efficient development of company and to create a positive image of the company, creating beneficial and safe working and environmental conditions, in line with the laws and regulations, and other binding requirements that might impact the use, consumption of energy and energy efficiency.

The policy applies to LDz and all subordinate structures (the structure of the company is available on LDz

The sphere of certified LDz energy management system: public railway infrastructure management services and management of immovable property of VAS “Latvijas dzelzceļš”.

Principles of the Policy

  • The company implements a joint management of energy resources.
  • Each employee is responsible for familiarising with the Energy Management Policy, cooperation in the energy management system within the framework of their competence and sphere of responsibility. Each employee, when fulfilling their duties, has to assess and be aware of the impact their duties have on the energy efficiency, to comply with the requirements of energy efficiency provided in the laws and regulations and the company’s environment protection and energy management programme.
  • On all levels of decision-making, their possible impact on the use and consumption of energy resources, and energy efficiency is assessed.
  • Preventive measures to avoid possible issues related to irrational use of energy resources are prioritised.
  • Information on the company’s energy management policy, goals, action, and results, except for the data classified as information of limited access, is available on the company’s website: and on the Intranet of the company.
  • The Energy Management Policy, if necessary, is regularly reviewed and updated.

Lines of actions to achieve the goal of the Policy:

  • To reduce the consumption of energy resources to ensure commercial activity of the company;
  • To use materials, energy, and natural resources efficiently and rationally;
  • To increase the energy efficiency of buildings, by using the space rationally, ensuring heat insulation of buildings, maintaining the buildings and engineering communications in a good technical condition, performing the necessary maintenance, and modernisation works on time.
  • In the relations with cooperation partners and in procurements, to comply with the applicable laws and regulations governing energy resources and energy efficient services, to deliver equipment and technologies;
  • To use the intellectual potential of employees in solving energy matters;
  • To inform employees and community about the company’s energy management system, Energy Management Policy, Environment and Energy Management Programme, their goals and objectives, and actions to increase the energy efficiency;
  • To popularise the ecological and energy efficient benefits of railway transport, to promote the awareness and support of community and government and to strengthen the positions of railway transport in the transport service market;
  • To train and educate employees, to promote the contribution of each employee in planning, and execution of environmental protection measures;
  • To implement and continuously improve the energy management system, in line with the requirements of LVS EN ISO 50 001:2012, integrating it in all company’s areas of operation.
  • The company undertakes to comply with the requirements of the laws and regulations governing energy efficiency during entire course of operations of energy management system.