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Marketing Communication Policy

SJSC Latvijas Dzelzceļš is one of the largest Latvian companies; therefore, our duty and philosophy is to participate in processes crucial for the state and the public.


Fundamental Principles

1. Gifts (donations).

On 1 January 2018, the new gift/donation policy come into effect; further on, the following areas will be supported:

“Education and science promotion projects: promoting the general improvement of the education level of pupils and students, especially for young people in the areas of studies related to science, information technology, engineering, mathematics (hereinafter — SITEM) and railway, as well as facilitating the development of Latvian science and supporting its significance in sectors which are primarily related to the possibilities of introducing scientific achievements in the railway transport and logistics sectors.

Health protection promotion projects: facilitating the integration of people with health disorders in society; assistance at events related to the recovery and strengthening of health, as well as professional growth.

Social assistance promotion projects: support to orphans’ associations, orphanages, boarding schools, people with special needs, as well as other less socially protected groups.

Environmental protection promotion projects: measures or events drawing the public attention (a particular project or long-term programme) with the aim to promote environmentally friendly measures and ‘green thinking’.”

Areas not supported by projects:

  • political parties and associations;
  • religious organisations;
  • organisations with unclear reputation;
  • organisations, the total amount of tax debts of which exceeds EUR 150 at the moment of examination of the Project;
  • leisure and business trips of organisations and persons;
  • organisations, which have failed to fulfil obligations in a proper manner towards Capital Companies within the framework of previous Projects.

Project applications submitted by individual natural persons are not supported.


2. General principles and criteria for the assessment of cooperation/advertising projects (hereinafter — the Project)

Projects are implemented in the following target markets: international, national and local.

Projects are implemented in the following areas:

Transport and logistics

infrastructure, logistics and/or exports;

development of the national business environment and promotion of excellence (primarily in transport and transit sectors).

Traffic safety

Projects must promote the awareness of the public and/or target groups about the railway traffic safety regulations.


improving the level of vocational education in the railway/transport sector;

improving the excellence of general education and knowledge.

Environmental protection

reducing the environmental impact of railway operations;

environmental protection projects at a national level;

promoting the understanding of ‘green thinking’.


professional sport — federations and national clubs, except the Olympic movement;

professional sport. Within the framework of one kind of professional sport, the Group in general is entitled to implement the Project with the following:

one national federation of the relevant kind of sport;

one partner/Project in each of the Group’s target markets.

Olympic movement,

national sport — Projects aimed at the promotion and popularisation of national sport and physical activities;

national sport. Within the framework of one discipline of national sport (for example, running, Nordic walking, orienteering, cycling, etc.), the Group in general is entitled to implement the Project with the following:

one organisation promoting the activities of the relevant discipline of national sport;

one partner/Project in each of the Group’s target markets.

supported kinds of professional and national sport must be among TOP20 most popular kinds of sport (according to the annual top of kinds of sport in Latvia, compiled by SIA “Mindshare”) in Latvia.


projects of national scale;

aimed at the preservation of traditions;

aimed at the development of young talents;

related to the preservation of industrial and cultural heritage.

The maximum total investment made by the Capital Companies of the Group may be the following:

  • in the international or national target market — EUR 100,000 a year + VAT;
  • in the local target market — EUR 50,000 a year + VAT.


Examination Terms

The submitted Project Applications are examined by the Marketing Communication Project Commission within two months following their submission.

The decision of the Commission is announced to the applicant within one week following the submission of the application.

Should more detailed information be necessary, please write to

Application forms - advertising Project Application Form and gift Application Form (in Latvian) are available below.


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