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On Social Responsibility

The strategy of the SJSC Latvijas dzelzceļš (LDz) is built and constantly updated so to maintain short- and long-term operation and development capacity and fulfil the essence and core mission of the company - Provide railway infrastructure management and logistics services for the Latvian economy. All actions by LDz are tasks that are undertaken in order to resolve the underlying issues with the aim of fulfilling the mission.

The Board of LDz frequently reviews and where necessary adjusts the company strategy taking into account both the market and stakeholder trends and the performance results of individual tasks. To achieve the set goal, it is important to analyse the overall impact of all results, so that the company can react adequately to situations where individual performance indicators are satisfactory, but do not contribute sufficiently to the achievement of the objective.

Understanding that a long-term orientated and balanced company strategy as such does not guarantee its effectiveness, the activity of LDz is based on four clearly defined values: development, responsibility, safety and cooperation. It means:

  • Being an industry leader, over-achievement of the set objectives is only possible through development - accepting challenges, seeing opportunities and finding new solutions. Therefore LDz is focussed on continuous personal and holding growth. Seeking new ideas and technologies is how we strive for excellence in everything we do;
  • Everyone in the company - both on a personal and team level - is responsible for the holding's performance, contribution to the national economy and a better future. We care about the impact of the holding's operations on the environment and the quality of life of society in general, therefore LDz actively participates in and supports key public areas and events. We respect industrial heritage and take care about handing over it to the generations to come;
  • Being able to see and manage risks. Working to eliminate any risk situations on the railway because safety is one of our priorities. The company and its employees are ready at any time to prevent accidents and consciously minimise the impact on the environment;
  • Ensuring effective infrastructure management and logistics services and promptly resolving issues is only possible in coordinated operation. Working together ensures the achievement of common goals, which is possible by sharing knowledge and experience, as well as a willingness to help, thus contributing to the development of the holding, partners and the state.


SJSC Latvijas dzelzceļš listens to the needs of society with the aim of participating more actively in the development of society and in the dialogue with economy and industry experts. In demonstration of its responsibility for its own impact on the society and the environment, the company adheres to corporate social responsibility principles in providing high-quality services and minimising the environmental impact of operations.

In accordance with the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy approved by the Holding, the company implements the corporate social responsibility in four main areas:

  • Employees
  • Environment
  • Society
  • Business environment

SJSC Latvijas dzelzceļš is an active member and representative in a number of industry and non-governmental organisations, including the Latvian Transit Business Association, the Latvian Employers' Confederation, Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, etc.

The Holding's task is to promote the development and competitiveness of Latvijas dzelzceļš as a part of the European rail network in the Eurasian transport corridors, therefore the company has wide-ranging cooperation with leading international organisations in the rail industry and foreign railways, actively participates in the 1,520 mm gauge organisations - Railway Transport Council (CSGT), Railway Cooperation Organisation (OSGD), which represents rail operators from 27 countries - the Baltic States, CIS, China, Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia and other Eastern and Central European countries, and the Transsiberian Transportation Coordination Council (KSTP).

To promote cooperation with rail partners in a western direction, to facilitate the integration in the pan-European rail space, to ensure the adherence to and implementation of the European Union law, to ensure the liberalisation of the rail market, Latvijas dzelzceļš actively participates in the leading European Union rail organisations - Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER), which represents the European rail infrastructure managers and operators, the International Union of Railways (UIC), the International Railway Transport Committee (CIT) and the International Organisation for the Collaboration of Railway Police and Security Services (COLPOFER).

The company understands that society expects that development-orientated, sustainable, stable and successful companies company contribute to various causes, therefore the support of social, environmental, cultural and sports activities and movements are part of the operations of LDz.