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Mission, Vision and Strategy

Latvijas dzelzceļš Holding strategy until 2030

Approved: Board of State Joint-Stock Company Latvijas dzelzceļš
8 August 2013 Resolution No. 19/79

1. References

     The strategy has been developed in accordance with the key applicable industry planning documents published by the EU and the state as the shareholder of the State Joint-Stock Company Latvijas dzelzceļš:

  • Directive 2012/34/EU establishing a single European railway area ;
  • Directive 2008/57/EU on the interoperability of the rail system within the Community;
  • Regulation (EU) No. 913/2010 concerning a European rail network for competitive freight;
  • The European Commission's White Paper on the Community railways development (year 2011);
  • Latvian Sustainable Development Strategy until 2030;
  • Transport Development Guidelines for 2013-2020.

2. Mission

Ensure the management of railway infrastructure and logistics services in the interests of the Latvian economy


3. Vision

To become the leader of the Baltic transport industry - a modern, efficient and environmentally friendly infrastructure and logistics company group


4. Values


Development Being an industry leader, over-achievement of the set objectives is only possible through development - accepting challenges, seeing opportunities and finding new solutions. Therefore we are focussed on continuous personal and holding growth. The pursuit of new ideas and technologies is how we strive for excellence on a daily basis.
Responsibility Both on a personal and team level, we are responsible for the holding's performance, contribution to the national economy and a better future.

We care about the impact of the holding's operations on the environment and the quality of life of society in general, therefore we actively participate in and support key public areas and events.
We respect industrial heritage and take care about handing it over to generations to come.

Safety We are able to see and manage risks. We work to eliminate any risk situations on the railway because safety is one of our priorities. We are ready at any time to prevent accidents and consciously minimise the impact on the environment.
Cooperation Ensuring effective infrastructure management and logistics services and promptly resolving issues is only possible in coordinated operation. We work together to achieve common goals. We do this by sharing knowledge and experience, as well as a willingness to help, thus contributing to the development of the holding, partners and the state.


5. The main strategic objectives

  1. To ensure a competitive level of rail infrastructure, transport and logistics service quality and cost
  2. To be the leader in rail infrastructure cargo turnover in the Baltic States
  3. To develop more environmentally friendly and efficient rail transport by electrifying the major routes and upgrading the traction units

     The strategic objectives, tasks and performance indicators of the Holding are presented in the strategic objectives map