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Safety Lessons

Train is the safest mode of transport, but sometimes, due to people's recklessness or negligence, accidents are still inevitable, causing harm not only to those causing them, but also to those around.

In order to avoid accidents caused by negligence or recklessness in the future, Latvijas dzelzceļš organises special Safety Lessons where children and young people are taught how to be safe near and on trains.

In these classes, children learn how to safely cross rail tracks and how to behave in a train or on a platform, as well as many exciting facts about railway and trains using a variety of games, contests and animated films.

All of those interested in the Safety Lessons are welcome to visit the Latvian Railway History Museum, where the lessons can be combined with a visit to the museum and seeing the collection of 20th century rail cars and locomotives.

Around 3,500 children attend the safety lessons every year.