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The Commonwealth Member State Rail Transport Council

The Commonwealth Member State Rail Transport Council (hereinafter the Council) is an international CIS institution that coordinates rail operation on an international level. The Council was established on 14 February 1992, with its headquarters in Moscow, the official working language - Russian.

Latvia does not participate in the Council at the national level. The State Joint-Stock Company Latvijas dzelzceļš (LDz) has a contractual status of Associated Council Member - it has the right to participate in Council and institution meetings, use the documents adopted by the Council and exercise the rail authority mandates granted under the Council.

Given that the majority of the documents governing the rolling stock route and transport regulations on the CIS railways (rail infrastructure) can affect not only the interests of LDz, but also those of other Latvian businesses and have an impact on their activity, LDz publishes a selection of these Council documents and amendments on its website for reference. LDz itself does not consolidate or update the documents.

Normative documents (in Russian).

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