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Open tender “Modernisation of Section Sarkandaugava–Mangaļi–Ziemeļblāzma in Riga Railway Network: construction monitoring” (identification No.LDZ 2017/8-IB/

Papildus informācija: 

Added the Report of the Results on 07.09.2018.

Added the Carification No.5 on 13.04.2018.

Updated with amendments No.5 (the opening/submitting date amended) and added the Consolidated Regulation on 01.02.2018.; Added clarification No.4 on 26.01.2018.

Added amendments No.4 (the opening/submitting date amended) and Consolidated Regulation on 12.10.2017. Added Regulation consolidated on 06.07.2017.  Added clarification No.3 on 05.07.2017. Updated with amendments No.3 on 04.07.2017. Added clarification No.2  on 12.06.2017. (corrected on 05.07.2017.). Updated with amendments No.2 on 06.06.2017. Updated with amendments No.1  on 10.05.2017. Added clarification No.1 on 24.04.2017.

Announcement of the open tender “Modernisation of Section Sarkandaugava – Mangaļi – Ziemeļblāzma in Riga Railway Network: construction monitoring” (identification No. LDZ 2017/8-IB/ (added clarification No.1 on 24.04.2017.1, updated with amendments No.1 on 10.05.2017.2, No.2  on 06.06.2017.3 ,  added clarification No.2  on 12.06.2017. (corrected on 05.07.2017.) 4, updated with amendments No.3 on 04.07.2017.5, added  clarification No.3 on 05.07.2017.6, added Regulation consolidated on 06.07.2017.7, added amendments No.4 and Consolidated Regulation on 12.10.2017.8,added clarification no.4 on 26.01.2018.9, updated with amendments No.5 (the opening/submitting date amended) and added the Consolidated Regulation on 01.02.2018.10, added the Clarification No.511, added the Report of the Results on 07.09.2018.12) please find in Latvian:


1The Clarification No.1 please find in Latvian:

2The opening and submitting date amended on 10.05.2017., from the 17th May 2017 to the 20th July 2017 (the information concerning the Amendments No.1 please find in Latvian :

The Amendments No.2 please find in Latvian :

4The Clarification No.2 (with correction made on 05.07.2017.) please find in Latvian :

5The opening and submitting date amended on 29.06.2017. from the 20th July 2017 to the 30th October 2017 (the information concerning the Amendments No.3 please find in Latvian:

6The Clarification No.3  please find in Latvian:

7The Regulation consolidated please find in Latvian:

8The opening and submitting date amended from the 30th October 2017 to the 21st February 2018, the Amendments No.4 and  the Consolidated Regulation please find in Latvian:

9The Clarification No.4 please find in Latvian:

10The opening/submitting date amended from the 21st February 2018 to the 19th April 2018. (Amendments No.5). The Consolidated Regulation (with Amendments No.5) please find in Latvian:

11The Clarification No.5 please find in Latvian:

12The Report of the Results please find in Latvian:




Bid opening date: 
Thursday, 19 April, 2018 - 10:40
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