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Latvijas dzelzceļš Awarded the Platinum Category of Sustainability Index for the First Time

After evaluation of the activities of SJSC Latvijas dzelzceļš (LDz) in the fields of work environment, corporate governance, market relations, environment protection and community support the experts from the Institute for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility organizing the annual Sustainability Index of Latvia have granted outstanding assessment to LDz. Thus the company has achieved compliance with the Platinum Category for the first time.

LDz participates in the Sustainability Index since 2011, and the assessment of experts has increased with every year thus allowing the company to rise to the highest – Platinum Category.

The highest evaluation marks by the experts were awarded to LDz for the performance in community support area, followed by corporate governance and market relations.

"When I assumed the office I set a goal – Latvijas dzelzceļš must become the best governed company in the Baltic States. One of the ways to test the progress towards the goal is participation in Sustainability Index. The high assessment of the experts by awarding Platinum Category confirms that we are on the right path. At the same time we understand that we have to continue improvement. I would hereby like to express my appreciation to the management team and every individual at the company, who has contributed to achieve this result, and I hope that next year all the group companies shall participate in the evaluation," says Edvīns Bērziņš, President of LDz.  

The Platinum Category of the Sustainability Index is awarded to companies with indices exceeding 90% according to the experts' assessment. These companies have fully integrated sustainable approaches in their practice, and they have appointed responsible individuals both at the level of the board and executive units. These companies are involved in systemic data collection and assessment of impact. They report their activity with high level of transparency and involvement of affected public, and their public data is approved by external auditor.

"Platinum Category companies are companies, where management of the companies making the key decisions play significant role in achievement of the result," emphasises Dace Helmane, Head of the Institute for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility.

High assessment marks for their activities in the last year in the fields of work environment, market relations, environment protection and community support were also awarded to two subsidiaries of LDz.  LDz Cargo Ltd. received a Golden Category award, whereas LDZ Ritošā sastāva serviss takes place among the Silver Category companies. For both companies the assessment results were a category higher than the previous year.

Besides that LDZ Ritošā sastāva serviss Ltd. this year received an award of Champion of Sustainability for achievements in environment protection. 

"During the last two years we have taken a large step in the development of our company. The road has not been smooth, therefore I want to thank all the team of LDZ Ritošā sastāva serviss Ltd. for their contribution and professional work. These awards given to the company serve as a proof of our professionalism and as an incentive for further growth and development giving significant contribution to the development of economic activity in Latvia," points out Edgars Abrams, Chairman of the Board of LDZ Ritošā sastāva serviss Ltd..

The awards were given within the framework of Responsible Business Week that included also awarding ceremony of Family Friendly Businesses. This award by the Ministry of Welfare was received by all three companies of LDz group participating in the Sustainability Index assessment. 

VAS “Latvijas dzelzceļš” is the manager of public use railway infrastructure and leading company of the holding “Latvijas dzelzceļš”. The holding includes six subsidiaries – AS “LatRailNet”, in charge of infrastructure fee pricing and railway infrastructure capacity distribution; SIA “LDZ CARGO”, provides for cargo shipment and international passenger transportation; infrastructure construction and maintenance company SIA “LDZ infrastruktūra”; rolling-stock repair and maintenance company SIA “LDZ ritošā sastāva serviss”; security company SIA “LDZ apsardze”, and a logistics company SIA “LDZ Loģistika”.