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Railway modelists, groups Drums Clinic and Gaujarts will perform in Latvian Railway History Museum on 22 July

Monday, 20 July, 2009

In the framework of the 90th anniversary month of Latvijas dzelzceļš Latvian Railway History Museum will be open on Wednesday, 22 July, until 21.00 and from 17.00 will provide a special anniversary program – exhibition of railway models, photo orientation game, musical performances by groups Gaujarts and Drums Clinic, and other activities for children and adults.

First two museum evenings on Wednesdays in July gathered numerous enthusiastic visitors, but this week - on the third museum evening in Latvian Railway History Museum everyone will have a chance to view the biggest railway layout in Latvia, as well as railway models created by Latvian modelists from private collections. In order to show the models in operation they will be put on rail tracks of railway layout belonging to the museum, but bigger models will be displayed at the stage outside the museum building on their own tracks.

Many people are wrong, because they think that railway models are toys. In reality railway modelism is a very serious and educational hobby. The modelists do not construct simple models; they make precise copies of railway objects from different countries and periods. It means that a constructor needs not only technical skills and ability to do handwork, but also to have thorough knowledge in history and geography, as well as diligence and patience. Miniature models of locomotives, wagons, railway lines, crossings and other equipment duplicate the forms of real railway objects with filigree precision and they also operate.

It is possible to become dedicated to railway modelism for all life already in early childhood. At first the child simply puts together plastic, wooden or metal rail tracks to make the locomotive and wagons run. Later he collects materials about railway of a particular country or history period. Then it is time to make the first layout with all decorations (tunnels, bridges, buildings etc.) from ready-made building materials. The highest skill is modeling of a concrete railway site, when most of the details are being cut out, sawn out and hollowed out by hands. For example, miniature railway crossing light signals of the museum layout is a lapidary work.

While the visitors will be viewing the museum exhibits and will be playing the popular photo orientation game (rules and applyingwww.railwaymuseum.lv), the lovers of good music will have a chance to listen to a musical performance by groups Gaujarts and Drums Clinic all evening long. The children will be entertained by Peppy and her friends; they will be invited to jump on inflatable train, draw, play rail-related games and to participate in Security hours.

In the anniversary month on Wednesday evenings from 17.00 until 21.00 Latvian Railway History Museum invites the friends – both adults and children – to celebrate together the 90th anniversary of Latvijas dzelzceļš and to participate in activities organized by railway employees. All month until 5 August in Riga central station, Valmiera and Jelgava railway stations will be displayed photo exhibitions.

Entrance fee to all museum events: a child’s drawing – greetings to Latvijas dzelzceļš, or a present to the museum – old suitcase, which will be used for the renewed baggage wagon collection, or answering to five catch questions about railway history, or entrance ticket – 1 LVL for adults, 0.50 santims for pupils; children under age 6 – free of charge.


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