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President Valdis Zatlers meets with LDz Management Board and employees

Monday, 29 June, 2009

On 29 June Valdis Zatlers, President of the Republic of Latvia met with Management Board and employees of SJSC Latvijas dzelzceļš (LDz).

At the beginning of the visit in Riga at LDz Head Office, Gogola Street 3, Valdis Zatlers had a meeting with Concern LDz Management Board. Uģis Magonis, Chairman of the Board of LDz presented to the President the situation and the most topical issues of LDz.

During the meeting with LDz employees in Jelgava the President noted that Concern Latvijas dzelzceļš is the fourth biggest freight carrier in Europe and the only railway company in Europe, which has no decline in freight volumes compared to the previous year. After listening to the employees, who expressed concerns about reduction in salary fund, the President agreed that salaries of LDz employees should be competitive comparing to the salaries of employees in neighboring railway companies, and he expressed satisfaction with the improvement of work conditions during last years.

Uģis Magonis, Chairman of the Board of LDz expressed satisfaction with the President’s visit to LDz: ”It is very good that the President appreciates our work, because we will work further for our country – we will ensure jobs and provide services for the inhabitants of Latvia, improve transit flow and ensure income to our owners – the State. We will work further to be a leader among our competitors.”

During the President`s visit the First Lady Lilita Zatlere at Jelgava railway station had a meeting with LDz women employees and listened to the opinions about the role of women at LDz and their view on future of the company. L.Zatlere invited LDz women employees to be strong and to express actively their opinion about the existing situation. L.Zatlere approved LDz efforts in awarding the best employees with different company awards and invited the best employees to become candidates for the highest state awards, especially those, who do the hardest work.

After the meeting with LDz Management Board and employees the President of Latvia Valdis Zatlers admitted that he understands concerns of LDz employees about the development of company in existing economic situation and promised to favor dialogue with the government of Latvia in order to help more developing LDz as one of the Latvian companies that can achieve good economic results.

Prepared by LDz Public Relations Division