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LDz organizes workshop on acquisition of EU structural funds

Tuesday, 6 May, 2008

On 9 May 2008 Project Management Division of SJSC Latvijas dzelzceļš (LDz) in cooperation with Investments Department of Ministry of Transport (MT) of the Republic of Latvia will hold regional workshop in Daugavpils on importance of EU structural funds in transport development in Latvia and contribution of Cohesion Fund projects in modernization of railway infrastructure.

The participants of workshop will be given information on importance of EU structural funds in economy of Latvia and significance of Cohesion Fund projects in modernization process of railway infrastructure in Latvia. Detailed information will be given on the following Cohesion Fund projects:

  • Replacement of rail switches
  • Rail Baltica
  • Railway track reconstruction in East-West corridor
  • Modernization of hot axle box detection system
  • Signalling system modernization
  • Construction of reception yard Rēzekne II
  • Construction of the second railway track in line Skrīveri – Krustpils
  • Reconstruction of Riga railway junction

Venue and date of the workshop were specially chosen. 9 May is a Europe Day in Latvia, besides on 1 May 2004 Latvia joined the EU, but in Daugavpils region there are implemented several Cohesion Fund projects in order to modernize and reconstruct railway infrastructure and hence to enhance the quality of living environment for the local people.

The workshop will be attended by the representatives from LDz and MT; as well as there will be present Mr. Maculevičs, Director of Latgale Transport and Communication Technical School, and Mr. Lāčplēsis, Executive Director of Daugavpils City Council.

The workshop will take place at 9:30h in hotel Dinaburga, Daugavpils.

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