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LDz invites to anniversary program in Latvian Railway History Museum

Tuesday, 7 July, 2009

A year ago the Republic of Latvia celebrated its 90th anniversary. This year on 5 August the 90th anniversary will celebrate Latvijas dzelzceļš.

During the anniversary month in July on Wednesday evenings from 17.00 until 21.00 Latvian Railway History Museum invites adults and children to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Latvijas dzelzceļš together and to participate in activities organized by railway employees.

From 8 July until 5 August Latvian Railway History Museum will work on Wednesdays until 21.00. “Longer working hours of the museum on Wednesdays will allow everybody, especially the adults who are working to visit our museum also in the evenings and to view the outdoor exhibition without any hurry, have a museum tour, participate in special activities and visit the railway café,” told Ieva Pētersone, Director of Latvian Railway History Museum. During the anniversary month on Wednesday evenings Latvijas dzelzceļš, which celebrates the anniversary will be glad to receive the presents – children’s drawings and old suitcases, which will be used for the renewed baggage wagon collection. A present to the museum will serve as an entrance ticket to the museum evenings.

Uģis Magonis, Chairman of the Board of SJSC Latvijas dzelzceļš tells: “The history of the Republic of Latvia and Latvijas dzelzceļš is closely connected. These are celebrations to all Latvia. Latvijas dzelzceļš employs 12 400 people; they have families and friends, and acquaintances… Even people, who do not go by train regularly and do not work in freight transport sector, from time to time meet trains, for example, while waiting for a green light at level crossings. Therefore, we decided to make celebrations for all inhabitants of Latvia. I would like to thank all those, who helped selflessly and with enthusiasm to make these celebrations and to all LDz employees.”

Railway employees and their friends have made a special program and pleasant surprises each Wednesday.

8 July – Opening of railway anniversary month – presentation of the recently restored ML series narrow gauge locomotive, greetings from the vocal group COSMOS and Aprīļa pilieni to railway employees and visitors, together with a portal draugiem.lv will be launched an adventure game Dzelzs ceļotāji.

To the second railway museum evening on 15 July the museum especially invites the families with children. For the visitors in this evening the museum has prepared a special photo orientation game (rules and applying – www.railwaymuseum.lv), musical performance will be given by the group Hospitāļu iela.

In Latvian Railway History Museum on 22 July the special guests will be railway modelists, who will present the best locomotive and wagon models, railway buildings that have been made by hands. Musical performance will be given by the group Drums Clinic.

On 29 July the visitors will have a chance to see the films on railway, and ride in rail trolley. Musical performance will be given by Gobziņš and SKA orchestra. The curious visitors will have a chance to see, what is inside the museum objects.

The rolling stock exhibits - locomotives and wagons will be open for visitors each Wednesday evening. It will be possible to go inside of them and listen to the stories of railwaymen, who have once worked in these locomotives. All month until 5 August in Riga central station and Jelgava railway station will be displayed photo exhibitions. On 5 August at 13.00 in Latvian Railway History Museum will take place an anniversary month closing event – presentation of the postage stamp dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Latvijas dzelzceļš, awarding of the winners of the adventure game Dzelzs ceļotāji, and opening of the book Dzelzceļi Latvijā.

Entrance fee to all museum events:

  • A c hildren’s drawing – greetings to Latvijas dzelzceļš, or
  • A p resent to the museum – old suitcase, which will be used for the renewed baggage wagon collection, or
  • Answering to five catch questions about railway history, or
  • Entrance ticket – 1 LVL for adults, 0.50 santims for pupils; children under age 6 – free of charge.

Information prepared by LDz Public Relations Division

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