In the last Railway Museum evening – riding with rail trolley during the musical performance by Roberts Gobziņš and SKA orchestra | Latvijas dzelzceļš

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In the last Railway Museum evening – riding with rail trolley during the musical performance by Roberts Gobziņš and SKA orchestra

Tuesday, 28 July, 2009

Latvian Railway History Museum invites everybody to visit the last museum evening dedicated to the 90th anniversary ofLatvijas dzelzceļš on Wednesday, 29 July. Also this time Railway History museum will be open until 21.00 and from 17.00 will provide a special program – entertainment for children, riding with rail trolley, films on railway theme and examination of museum illegal dwellers. Musical performance of the evening will be given by Roberts Gobziņš and SKA orchestra.

Railway museum evenings dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Latvijas dzelzceļš have become popular events among the inhabitants of Riga and city guests. In the previous museum evening there were 892 visitors. They supplemented museum exposition with nice and valuable presents – 434 drawings and 11 old suitcases that will be used for the renewed baggage wagon collection. The photo orientation game organized by the museum and the newly renewed ML locomotive have become particularly popular among the visitors. In two weeks there were made numerous pictures with the adults and children in the locomotive cabin. Special thanks are given to railway modelists, who introduced the visitors a week ago with their works – precise copies of railway objects from particular countries and periods. The most active participants of the anniversary month activities are young people. They participate with excitement in the game Dzelzs ceļotāji, which is organized in cooperation with There have been registered 13 961 participants from 8 518 teams in this game. They have to visit Latvian railway stations to get the prizes – train tickets to Paris, St.Petersburg and around Latvia.

The last museum evening will be full of activities. This time the museum will offer the visitors to watch the films on railway theme of different production years and styles, as well as a special evening activity to the curious – examination of those, who live inside the museum objects: museum moths, woodborers, rots and other museum workers, who have chosen to live in highly intellectual environment – inside the museum exhibits instead of grandmother’s coat or photo album. After viewing the museum exhibits and getting new impressions the visitors are invited to ride with the official museum transport - rail trolley.

Musical performances by the popular Latvian musicians have become a tradition of these museum evenings. Several groups have already performed in Latvian Railway History museum in the previous museum evenings – CosmosHospitāļu ielaDrums Clinic and Gaujarts, but in the last museum evening of the anniversary month there will be given a musical performance by Roberts Gobziņš and SKA orchestra.

Entrance fee to all museum events: a child’s drawing – greetings to Latvijas dzelzceļš, or a present to the museum – old suitcase, which will be used for the renewed baggage wagon collection, or answering to five catch questions about railway history, or entrance ticket – 1 LVL for adults, 0.50 santims for pupils; children under age 6 – free of charge.

All month until 5 August in Riga Central station and Jelgava railway station will be displayed photo exhibitions.


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