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Container train ZUBR starts regular running

Tuesday, 21 July, 2009

Today at 13.00 in Riga-Krasta station arrived a container train ZUBR formed in cooperation with Latvian, Belarusian and Estonian railway companies. The train will be running in the route Riga – Minsk.

The first experimental train arrived in Latvia on 11 June. This time there were transported 26 containers of Belarusian JSC “Naftan” on 13 platforms that will be loaded on ships in Riga port with the destination to Shanghai, China.

Container train is formed in Šķirotava station and it is running 1.5 days. Equal tariff rates are applied to all participants of the project, and within the framework of the project there are ensured simplified border crossing and customs control procedures. Taking into account the increasing number of clients, container train is planned to be running at least twice a week.

“The project ZUBR has considerable perspectives, because in container transport sector it competes very well with road carriers. We are planning that this will be a long term project and we will be able to send cargos not only to Minsk, but farther – to the south,” said Uģis Magonis, Chairman of the Board.

Container train operator in Latvia is LDz Cargo Loģistika Ltd. The new train transports export and import cargos to and from the Republic of Belarus, as well as transit cargos from and to Estonia. Considering the advantages of container train service, Ukrainian Railway has expressed a desire to join the project ZUBR in order to organize cargo traffic between the Black Sea region and the Baltic Sea region.

Prepared by LDz Public Relations Division