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Rail freight carriages increase by 9.3% in the first half of year

Monday, 7 July, 2008

LDz Cargo Ltd., the subsidiary of the SJSC Latvijas Dzelzcels, has carried 27,835 thousand tonnes freight, what is 9.3% more than in the same period last year when the amount of goods transported made up 25,467 thousand tonnes.

The biggest cargo increase has been achieved in the import transport – 23,244 thousand tonnes (+ 10,3% against the last year’s period.). There are 20,883 thousand tonnes cargo transported via ports close-to harbours. That is 13.2% more than last year. There is an increase in overland transit and export transports, correspondingly by 8.4% (2,621 thousand tonnes) and 6.2% (1,205 thousand tonnes). In its turn, the inland freight conveyances have decreased by 9.7%, carrying 765 thousand tonnes cargo.

There were mainly oil products and coal loads transported, correspondingly 10,309 thousand tonnes and 8,830 thousand tonnes, which in comparison with the 6 months of the year 2007 have increased by 11.1% for oil products and by 25.1% - for coal. Among the other kinds of cargo, an essential increase has been seen in the transport of chemical freight – 47.9%, reaching 1,205 thousand tonnes. Metal shipments have increased by 9.7%, reaching 1,484 thousand tonnes. In its turn, the carriage increase of grain and flour is 18%, what makes up 550 thousand tonnes. The number of containers carried has increased by 6.6%, reaching 27,382 TEU units. Mineral substances’ amount has decreased by 2.6% with 895 thousand tonnes carried. The loads of artificial fertilizers have decreased by 2.6% with 2,441 tonnes carried. Timber loads have decreased by 36.4% with 551 thousand tonnes transported.

The volume of the goods carried reached 4,536 thousand tonnes in June 2008, it has increased by 1% in comparison with June of the last year.

The holding company Latvijas Dzelzcels consists of the leading company PJSC Latvijas Dzelzcels and of eight dependent companies – JSC Pasažieru vilciens (Passenger Train), JSC VRC Zasulauks, LDz Cargo Ltd., LDz Cargo Logistika Ltd., LDz Infrastruktūra Ltd., LDZ Ritošā sastāva serviss Ltd., JSC Starptautiskie pasažieru pārvadājumi (International Passenger Service) and LDz Security Ltd. LDz holding company employs 13,600 people.

Prepared by:
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