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Latvijas Dzelzcels creates practice jobs for young people

Wednesday, 9 January, 2008

Latvijas Dzelzcels creates practice jobs for young people

VAS Latvijas Dzelzcels (LDZ, Latvian Railway) is engaged in the improvement of professional skills and competitiveness of Latvia’s young people. Eight young bloods are working at present at one of Latvia’s largest and most stable enterprises that may become their regular place of work.      

With the support of the European Social Fund, Latvijas Dzelzcels employs from the 1 September 2006 to 30 April 2007 eight young unemployed people. They work during their practice time in the professions like track linemen, wagon inspectors or train traffic speed regulators.      
Young unemployed 18 to 24 years of age were involved into the project in collaboration with the strategic partner of the project – with the State Employment Agency. Trainees are occupied at present in Riga, Gulbene and in Daugavpils.  

Latvijas Dzelzcels as the performer of the project and a socially responsible company wants to contribute reducing unemployment in the country and facilitating the competitiveness of young people in the labour market. In a time when many inhabitants of the country are making their way to other EU countries in search for a job, it is particularly important to get involved in projects that create practice opportunities and in future – a regular and stable work for capable hands here in Latvia.

It is being planned that after the conclusion of the project at least a part but possibly almost each of the trainees involved in the project could retain a constant work place at the Latvijas Dzelzcels. It will be carefully evaluated dependent on the work results achieved.

A trainees’ survey suggests that the young people are interested in the railway industry and they are pleased with the opportunities and social guaranties provided by the company.  
In the course of practice, they receive not only the support and drilling by professionals but also the minimal wage that at present is established at 120 lats per month. The European Social Fund covers 75 percent from the wage payments, the remaining 25 – the government budget.  

For the young people who were jobless and without income, stable revenue already during practise is a good encouragement for getting a stable job in the future. 

For each one young unemployed a qualified and professional head of the practise from the Latvijas Dzelzcels was appointed who secures the work efficiency during the whole practise as well as the teaching of theoretical and practical skills to the young people.   

A condition of the European Social Fund is that the heads of practice are being paid a minimal wage for the fulfilment of these additional duties and that encourages the employees to assume this labour-consuming and responsible practice management. 

The Holding Company Latvijas Dzelzcels is one of the country’s largest, in the company is more than 13,000 staff employed. Latvijas Dzelzcels is the largest social and inhabitant income tax payer into the state budget of Latvia and significantly contributes to the national economy.