Fraud Prevention Policy

Good corporate governance that has been proposed as one of the prerequisites for long-term development of the Latvijas dzelzceļš group, along with mechanisms for openness and clear governance, includes a clear and unequivocal definition of conditions for timely prevention of conflicts of interest and their possible effects.

To ensure this, a Fraud Prevention Policy of the group was approved on 4 March 2016, the objective of which is to clearly and unambiguously determine the requirements to be met by each employee of the group as well as to establish an effective internal control system and mechanisms to ensure timely identification and prevention of possible cases of fraud by carrying out the necessary inspections and evaluations.

The scope of the policy includes preventive and controlling measures in the event of every situation related to fraud, corruption, theft, commercial bribery, extortion, bribery as well as conflict of interest.

The Fraud Prevention Policy governs the action of employees in contact with cooperation partners of the group or dependent partner companies, including carrying out the assessment of cooperation partners and conduct in relation to business trips, gifts and other events potentially causing a conflict of interest. The policy determines also how the employee should act if he suspects potential fraud within the group.

Report possible fraud

If you have reasonable suspicion or information available to suggest that activities related to fraud, corruption, conflict of interest or other unlawful conduct have taken place within the Latvijas dzelzceļš group, which should be assessed within the scope of the Fraud Prevention Policy, please provide this information by using one of the following types of communication:

  • by contacting the SJCS Latvijas dzelzceļš Security Directorate Fraud Prevention Division by e-mail: info@kn.ldz.lv;
  • by providing the information available to you by filling out the contact form below. Please note that the contact form is anonymous, unless you specify your contact information yourself with the purpose to provide additional information, if necessary!

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