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About the electric power service

As a public service provider, VAS Latvijas dzelzceļš (further referred to as LDz) provide electric power distribution services* according to electric power distribution conditions for licence No E13021, and trade services** as a trader of electric power, registered in the electric power trader registry (ET0027).

*Electric power distribution — transportation of electric power that does not include trading with it, in the low and medium-voltage distribution system, to deliver it to the users of the energy.

**Electric power trade — a business activity that encompasses the purchasing of electric power for its sale to energy users (Electricity Market Law, Part I, General Provisions)

Within the area, in which LDz offers the electric power distribution service, the client may choose the electric power trade service by LDz or any other trader.


To find out if you can use our service at your home, please call our free information line:  80021181 or e-mail us at uzzinas@ldz.lv